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Who Are We ?

Little Rose Factory for Ready Made Garments And Uniform Industry  for schools and companies

It was established in 1998 as a ready-made clothes factory, and school uniforms were introduced after studying the requirements of the Egyptian market in 2008. Also, industrial and corporate security clothing was also introduced in 2017.

The factory contains :
  • Three main production lines equipped with the latest industrial and technological equipment in the field of ready-made clothes.

  • We have the most modern computer embroidery line specially designed to implement the clients' logo.

Product stages within the Little Rose Factory

The product goes through several stages :

1. Executing the special designs for each client using the best software in this field (Lictra Pro Style) to achieve the required quality with appropriate sizes.

2. Preparing special fabrics for each model that are specially manufactured for each client and processing them in cooperation with major specialized companies, including, for example:
(Alroubaia Textile Company - Al Hsn Textiles Company - United Dyers Company).

3. Cutting according to the customer’s requirements, then operating and producing, during which the product passes through more than one stage (sorting - quality - technical examination) and then a final quality or final examination of the complete product.

All of the above is done under the supervision of the planning and follow-up team, which is the element responsible for determining the timetable for each model in proportion to the delivery dates of customers, in order to adhere to them.

What distinguishes us
  • We are distinguished by providing all kinds of uniforms with the highest levels of quality and the finest types of fabrics.

  • We are unique in manufacturing all circular knitting materials from the finest types of cotton yarns, dyeing them and equipping them with the highest quality levels, stable colors and anti-shrinkage treatment.

  • We also use the latest designs and patterns programs to ensure the highest quality and best dressing sizes.

  • We use the latest computer embroidery machines to ensure high quality school logo and embroidery.

  • We have the best team of designers working to provide special models for each client, as they are unique and difficult to imitate and spread.

  • After-sales services, including a guarantee for the products against any defects that appear after use.

  • Providing supplementary requests and special sizes, in addition to adhering to delivery dates.

  • Fully prepared to provide all required samples before contracting for free.

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